ASIA ASIA 6th Floor, Pier 7 Dubai Marina P.O. Box 214830 United Arab Emirates 04 276 5900

Asia Asia takes you on an exotic and adventurous journey along the ancient spice route, introducing a fusion of flavours, aromas and textures from the Far East.

Experience the enticing culinary world of Asia Asia, where the Far East meets the Middle East.

Driven by the culinary direction of our international team of Chefs, Asia Asia guides your senses on an exciting new journey.

Asia Asia sits in an ideal location on the 6th floor of Pier 7, offering stunning views of the Dubai Marina and the shimmering city lights of the famous Dubai skyline.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind dining experience and sample some of our inventive Pan-Asian specialties such as Sushi, Dim Sum, Black Cod, or try the famous Spice Route Friday Brunch.